Crusher mining equipment for bentonite in Brazil

Bentonite material

Bentonite is a clay mineral which is largely composed of Montmorillonite, which is mainly a hydrous aluminum silicate. It is a highly colloidal and plastic clay with the unique characteristic of swelling to several times its original volume when placed in water.  Bentonite is produced worldwide in Greece, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Romania, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, India, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Turkey, and Cyprus. Within the U.S.

Crusher mining equipment for bentnoite

Synthesis of bentonite

Bentonite beneficiation methods are generally divided into two types of dry and wet.

Dry dressing is generally used to deal the bentonite ore with good quality.

The method is drying the ore, natural drying or drying kang, oven dried, first with manual or jaw crusher, and then Raymond mill and other roll grinding machine milled crushed into 100 mesh, 150 mesh, 200 mesh grades.

Wet dressing is generally used to deal with montmorillonite content of 30% to 80% of the low-grade bentonite.

The method is to crush ore to the grain size less than 50mm, add water into suspension, the water separator in the grading, fine-level ore obtained in the concentration in the settler, after drying in the drying machine, and then for grinding, drilling mud grade available for the product.

Mining equipment for bentonite in Brazil

BinQ has great machinery for bentonite mining in Brazil, among these equipments, ball mill is an excellent tool to select mine or grind a variety of mine and other materials into fine powder. Ball mill grinds ores and other materials to a typical product size of 35 mesh or finer. It is the most widely used of all mills and can be used in crushing and grinding of Bentonite mining, Coal for combustion, Limestone and lime, Talc, Cement, Sand, Gold ore etc.

BinQ'S MISSION STATEMENT: to develop, manufacture, market, and support the finest bentonite minging equipments in the world. BinQ is a world leader in the production of bentonite crushing plant, BinQ has an 80 year history of product innovation and commitment to quality.  BinQ is committed to continual product improvements using statistical methods to document our progress. 

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