Complete Crushing Plant Solutions

We’ve been trying hard on developing and producing nonmetallic minerals,including barite, bauxite, quartz, calcite. The quality of our products have been improved step by step. Our products have been exported to Poland, Japan, India, and so on.

The hcs90 cone crusher is the right crusher for barite break and has already applied in the stone of iron mine, the ore of nonferrous metal, granite, lime rock, quartz rock, sand rock and cobble etc..

Australia is the largest producer of bauxite worldwide, accounting for about one-third of global output. Its bauxite production is expected to be about 68 million tonnes. BinQ has established series produciton line in Austrlia in the past year.

The mining machine for bauxite we recommend MTM medium speed T-grinding mill , it adopts the ladder-shapper roller and ring improving crushing eddiciency and produce a typical product size of 1.6 mm to 0.038 mm.

BinQ is a world leader in the production of bentonite crushing plant, BinQ has an 80 year history of product innovation and commitment to quality. Our mounter has maintained scores of bentonite production line in India.

BinQ has a series of great machinery for bentonite mining, among these equipments, ball mill is an excellent tool to select mine or grind a variety of mine and other materials into fine powder.

For calcite powder grinder, choosing the right grinding machine is important. LM roller mill can grind granular and powdered materials into powder with required fineness, and is easy to operate, reasonable structure, reliable performance.