MTW series trapezium mill




The MTW Series Continental Trapezoid Grinding mills are mainly applied to the powder processing of mineral products in the industries of mining,metallurgy,chemical,and contruction materials,etc. They can produce powder from various non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9 and humidity below 6% ,such as quartz,feldspar,calcite,talcum,marble, ceramics ,iron mine,soft coal ,dolomite,active carbon,plum sandstone,basalt,etc.

Structure Features

1. The MTW series mills adopt bevel gear integral transmission,and features a compact and vertical structure, main unit ,as well as an evenly transmittion.

2. The important parts adopt high-quality steel ,which optimizes the appearance

3. The electric system adopts centrallized control ,and features high degree of automation .and the size of the vibrating feeder is small and light ,which is controlable and energy-saving .

Working Principle

1. Raw material which has been crushed to the size specified is elevated into a hopper from which the stuff is loaded. And then through the vibrating feeder ,the materials will transferred evenly and continuously into the grinding chamber for powder-processing. After this,the ground stuff is carried by the air from the blower into the classifer for regrinding.The set’s airflow system is closely sealed up and circulated under the condition of negative and positive pressure.

2. The grinder is driven by rotation of the central axle through decelerator ,with the up end of the axle connecting to a quincunx-rack upon which the grinding equipment is fixed. The whole set equipment turns together with the axle along the grinding ring while the rollers rotate driven by the fractional force .A set of shovel are installed at the lower end of the quincunx-rack.While turning together with the rollers ,the shovels shed the stuff onto the gap between the rollers and the ring ,and that’s where the stuff layer forms .The rotating rollers ,while turning together with the ring ,grind the stuff layer into powder.

3. The turning speed of the impeller can be adjusted to the requirement of the fineness of powder product .

4. It plays an important role in ensuring the function of the grinder . As the high-speed revolving air current mixed with ground stuff is flown into the cyclone-collecto,the ground stuff is separated from the air-current .

Technical Data:

Type Roller Number(pcs) Ring Inner Diameter(mm) Rev.of main frame(rpm) Max.Feed Size(mm) Finished Size(mm) Capacity(th) Overall dimension(mm)
MTW110 4 Φ1100 120 <30 1.6∼0.045 3.5∼10 8910×6950×9010
MTW138 4 Φ1380 96 <35 1.6∼0.045 6.5∼15 9860×8340×10227
MTW138 6 Φ1750 75 <40 1.6∼0.045 11∼25 13500×11500×9500

If there is change of the above specification, it subjects to the newest products' specifications.